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“This is one of the most sensible plans I have heard of for helping children succeed in life. It demands that an adult commits to a long-term mentoring relationship with a child. A caring relationship is the one variable that inevitably proves to make a positive difference in
a person’s life. I hope others will support this brilliant and worthy cause.” Mariana Sintay, LMCA

 Our project in the Wood River Valley                                                                                                                  

Summer Social with guest Jamie Lee Curtis.

A  501(c)(3) non-profit organization called the “I Have a Dream” Foundation-Idaho has been established in the Wood River Valley.  The Foundation has “adopted” the entire third grade class of Woodside Elementary School in Hailey, Idaho, which consists of 48 students, with the purpose of putting them on track to complete high school and go on to higher education with assured financial support.

The project was started in 2012 by Ken Lewis, our President. He helped implement a successful “I Have A Dream” program in Portland, Oregon that has supported more than 900 low-income students over the past 20 years. Of the most recent class to complete the Portland program, 90% graduated from high school and 70% went to college.

“I Have A Dream” Foundation-Idaho’s goal is to achieve similar results in the Wood River Valley. We have received the enthusiastic support of the Superintendent of the Blaine County School District and numerous other individuals and organizations in the Wood River Valley.

Despite the impression of affluence in the Wood River Valley, the reality is a large number of families fall below the federal poverty guidelines. Over 40 percent of the children in the Blaine County School District participate in the federal “Free or Reduced Lunch Program.”

The National “I Have a Dream” Foundation estimates only half of the students in low income communities will complete high school.

The IHDF-Idaho program looks to a considerable improvement in our community’s high school graduation and college matriculation outcomes.  It has happened elsewhere. With your support, it will happen here.

“Please join us by supporting a Dreamer”


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