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Volunteer Opportunities

Tutors are needed for our after-school program from 3:45 - 5:15 pm. Tutoring varies with one-on-one and group assistance. The Program Director will work with volunteers to find the right fit for them and the Dreamers, assessing levels and areas of strength that will aid in their learning experience. This will make it a rewarding and positive experience for both volunteer and Dreamer. The key is to find volunteers willing to commit at least one day a week, as this promotes bonding and trust between the Dreamer and volunteer.


Adult volunteer mentors are needed to provide Dreamers with long-term, reliable and supportive relationships, offering one-on-one guidance and support, and to serve as positive role models. Mentoring is designed to help encourage and support the Dreamers to graduate high school, seek advanced learning opportunities and become self -sufficient adults.

Inspire the Dreamers

Volunteer to lead a class discussion on your job and/or talents! We’ve had a Financial Planner, Creative Writing Instructor, Author, Artist and more contact us to give a presentation or set up an entire week’s worth of activities around their career. It’s been well received, and the Dreamers have learned so much, not to mention being inspired. One young Dreamer has started her own book!

Contact Information: Program Director, Pamela Donoso


Cell: (208) 720-8746

Various options include volunteering during our after-school program or during Dreamer field trips.

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